Dr. Kyle Pae is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy with respect to any information you provide us, whether in our office or on this website. Maintaining the integrity of your personal information is not only our commitment to you, it is also our legal responsibility under privacy legislation governing the privacy of information and patient confidentiality by health care practitioners in Ontario.

We will not collect personally identifiable information about you other than that which you have specifically and knowingly provided to us.

We will not distribute, sell, share or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information with any third party, unless the disclosure of information occurs during the normal course of providing comprehensive vision care, such as referral to a specialist, communication with your family physician, or billing to your private health insurance company or to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP); or when it is required by law, or when it is required by the regulatory body governing the profession of optometry as mandated by the RHPA, Regulated Health Professions Act.

In certain cases, such as billing to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan for services covered by OHIP, your consent will be considered implicitly given when you provide us with your Ontario Health Card at your eye examination. In other cases, such as communication with a specialist or your family physician, or billing to your private health insurance company, information about you will only be shared with your expressed consent and permission.

Although the statements herein are intended to provide a general overview of our privacy policy, a more comprehensive statement of our privacy policy can be obtained from our office. If you require clarification of any privacy issue, or if you have any specific comments, questions or complaints regarding the privacy of your information, please forward your written communication to:

Privacy Information Officer
Dr. Kyle Pae
176 Yonge Street
Lower Concourse Level
of The Bay,
Toronto Eaton Centre
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1E3

Dr. Kyle Pae is the designated Privacy Information Officer.

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