Your comprehensive eye examination has three primary objectives: 

1) Establish whether or not you need corrective lenses to provide clear and comfortable vision.

2) Ensure that your eyes are healthy and remain that way.

3) Discuss with you in detail the results of the eye examination.

In order to meet our objectives, the eye examination will begin with a detailed history of your ocular and general medical health, your family history, and a detailed record of any specific symptoms or problems that you are currently experiencing, as well as any specific visual demands that you may have.

Careful examination of your visual status is then made using sophisticated computerized technology as well as subjective measurements of your vision status. A detailed assessment of the correct lens prescription required for distance, near and intermediate vision will be made. 

Further tests will check your focusing ability, your eye muscle strength and coordination between the two eyes. A careful and thorough check will also be made regarding the health of your eyes both internally and externally. The importance of checking the health of your eyes cannot be overstated. The eye examination can sometimes detect the early signs of systemic health problems such as hypertension and diabetes. Many serious eye diseases such as glaucoma may not have any symptoms in the early stages, yet they can be easily detected at the eye examination and treated before they lead to vision loss.

One of our main objectives is to take the time to explain your results to you, so that you leave our office with a good understanding of the status of your eyes and vision. This includes discussing with you in detail the best form of vision correction based on your needs, whether that be single-vision eyeglasses, progressive multifocals, separate glasses for distance and near work, contact lenses or perhaps even laser eye surgery. Our doctors will take the time to answer your specific questions, and they will recommend a schedule for maintaining future visits with us. Along with your family doctor and your dentist, we want to be a part of your health care team.

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