Contact Lenses

Q.    Is there a type of contact lens that is right for me?

A.    Advances in manufacturing technology have resulted in the availability of contact lenses that suit many eye conditions and lifestyles.  Examples of the types of lenses available, the general types of eye conditions for which they are effective, and some of the ways in which they can fit into your active lifestyle follow below;

  • People with high astigmatism can now achieve precise visual acuity with the appropriate soft toric contact lens or rigid gas permeable lens. 

  • Those who wear bifocal or progressive multifocal eyeglasses can achieve excellent distance and near vision with the appropriate bifocal and multifocal contact lenses. 

  • Those with dry eyes or tear-film instability can experience long-term comfort with contact lenses specifically engineered for their specific condition. 

  • People who have suffered the discomfort and visual blur associated with high protein deposits on their conventional contact lenses can now enjoy the comfort, clarity and good ocular health provided by protein-resistant contact lenses and disposable lenses, including single-use daily disposable lenses.

  • People with lifestyles that require overnight lens wear can now wear lenses for up to 30 days consecutively, thanks to advances in silicone-hydrogel lens technology. 

  • People who are too busy to spend time cleaning and maintaining their contact lenses properly can now have the freedom of maintenance-free disposable lenses, or extended wear lenses.

  • Those wishing for a different eye colour, whether dramatic or subtle, can achieve a realistic and natural-appearing change with the latest colour-blended cosmetic contact lens.

  • With few exceptions, most people who require corrective lenses are able to wear contact lenses that are suited to their particular eyes, and their particular needs.  Our doctors can discuss your needs, assess your eyes and fit a lens that is best suited for you. 

Q.    Are trial sets of disposable contact lenses provided to your patients?

A.    We prefer that new wearers be given an initial trial set of disposable lenses first, in their correct prescription and best-suited lens type, in order to guarantee clear and comfortable vision before a commitment to more permanent lenses is made. 

Q.    How do you ensure the health of the eyes of the patients to whom you recommend contact lenses?

A.    Because one of the optometrist's primary concerns is maintaining the health of your eyes, the expertise of the optometrist extends beyond simply providing clear and comfortable lenses.  The prevention of any short or long-term contact lens-related complications is paramount to our doctors in fitting and selecting the appropriate lenses for you.

Our staff is fully-trained in providing thorough instructions in the proper techniques of insertion, removal and care of your specific contact lenses.  Because bad habits are sometimes difficult to unlearn, we emphasis this important aspect of your contact lens experience. 

Once you have your new lenses and are happy with them, your optometrist will monitor your eyes with periodic checkups to ensure that your healthy eyes remain that way. 

Q.    Are contact lenses affordable?

A.    Another benefit of advances in contact lens manufacturing technology is that today's lenses are surprisingly affordable.  If you would like to try contact lenses for the first time, or if you would like to find new lenses that may be better suited to your eyes than your current ones, our optometrists will take the time to thoroughly discuss contact lenses at your eye examination.  We will also quote the cost to you of your contact lenses options before the fitting, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not you wish to proceed.

Because we carry a large inventory of lens parameters, lens brands, and lens solution systems, and because our staff is always on hand to instruct you in the care and handling of your lenses, in many cases you will be able to wear your new lenses right away, following your eye examination.  For new wearers or for those switching to a different lens type, a follow-up examination will be scheduled to assess your new lenses.  Our office policy is to provide this follow-up examination at no additional charge. 

Our Contact Lens Mandate

When it comes to our contact lens wearers, Dr. Kyle Pae's chief priority is to provide clear, comfortable lenses that are healthy, problem-free, and well-suited to each wearers particular needs. 

To those who have purchased their contact lenses from us, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to achieve this goal.  For those considering contact lens wear, we invite you to allow us to show you how wonderful contact lenses can be.